The A. L. Mebane School is named in honor of Professor Albert Leonidas Mebane, principal of Alachua County Training Center (ACT) from 1924 to 1951. It occupies a shady hill of thirty-three acres between highways 235 and 241 on the northern edge of Alachua, Florida. The school was an extension of ACT, a community school established in 1922 for the education of African American children, and would eventually replace ACT.

Construction began in 1955 and was completed in time to welcome its first students in the fall of 1956. Serving kindergarten through twelfth grade, Mebane housed a student body which included children from Alachua, LaCrosse, High Springs and Newberry.

The physical plant consisted of an office suite with an outer office, two principals’ offices, boys’ and girls’ health clinics, a teachers’ lounge and restroom, storage and work room, twelve elementary classrooms, six social studies and English classrooms, three science rooms, a home economics suite, a business education classroom, an auditorium with band and choral suites, and a gymnasium equipped with classrooms, two locker rooms and a restroom.

Soon after the original plant was constructed, additions were made. These included: four temporary classrooms and three separate classrooms in 1959, six more classrooms in 1963, a masonry unit in 1965, and a temporary art room in 1966. Under Public Law 89-10 a reading trailer was added in 1966 and four more classrooms in 1967.

In its first fourteen years of existence Mebane was under the administration of three principals: C. O. Whitfield, Dr. Oliver H. Jones, and Lymus Burgess, Sr.

In 1970 Alachua County Schools were integrated by Federal law. Public schools throughout the district were reorganized. Mebane School was then designated A. L. Mebane Middle School, serving students from grades five through eight. In the mid-80s Alachua city schools were again rezoned and although Mebane remained a middle school, it was designated sixth through eighth grades only. In 2005 the school underwent a major renovation, altering the front office suites, the media center, the parking lot and the front lawn.

A. L. Mebane School (k-12) 1956-1970 Colors: Green & Gold Mascot: Hornet

A. L. Mebane Middle School 1970-1981Colors:Green & Gold Mascot: Skeeter

A. L. Mebane Middle School 1981-Present Colors: Black & Gold Mascot: Mustang